Improves appearance

By lifting, firming, and enhancing shape, 
a lift can make breasts look and feel better in clothing and swimsuits. It can boost confidence and improve body image.

Supports breasts in the long term

Underlying tissues are tightened to provide lasting support for the new breast shape and position achieved through mastopexy. Results are meant to be long-lasting, though additional plastic surgery may eventually be needed to combat aging.

Provides symmetry

If one breast is more ptotic (sagging) than the other, a lift can reduce the discrepancy between them. It essentially levels out the position of the nipples and overall breast contour to create a symmetrical look. This procedure is often performed during breast reconstruction.

Improves breast shape

By removing stretched-out, excess skin and tightening supportive tissues, a lift can give breasts a more youthful contour and profile. They become perkier, fuller, and more proportionate with the rest of the body.

Corrects ptosis (sagging)

The surgery addresses the problem 
of drooping breasts. It raises breasts that have begun to descend lower on the chest wall.