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Our cosmetic surgery centers offer tummy tucks to remove excess skin and fat 
from the belly area. Our board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Bailey, and his team customize each procedure to match individual patient needs and create flatter contours. We utilize advanced surgical techniques and follow the highest standards of patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction. Our main goal is to help every person 
gain confidence and live their life to the fullest.
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What Is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that improves the shape of the belly. It involves removing excess fat and skin and tightening abdominal muscles. The main goal of this surgery is to create 
a flatter, firmer, and more youthful-looking tummy. The procedure can be customized depending on individual needs. It is performed under general anesthesia and lasts from 1 to 5 hours.

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Types of Tummy Tucks

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Regular Tummy Tuck

A regular (full) tummy tuck is the most common type of abdominoplasty. It focuses on removing excess skin and fat from the middle and lower belly. This surgery also tightens abdominal muscles below the navel. The incision is made hip-to-hip right above the pubic area.
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Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck (partial abdominoplasty) is a less invasive form of this surgery. During a mini tummy tuck, a smaller incision is made below the bikini line to tighten lax skin and muscles in the lower abdomen. It does not address the problems above the navel. A mini abdominoplasty requires less recovery time than a regular one and leaves smaller scars. It is a good option for patients with milder forms of sagging.

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Extended Tummy Tuck

The extended tummy tuck targets the same areas as the regular one, including the middle and lower belly. However, it moves further to treat the flanks (love handles). An extended tummy tuck involves longer incisions that continue around the back to the sides and lower back. This allows the surgeon to eliminate unwanted tissue in those additional areas.
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Fleur-de-Lis Tummy Tuck

A fleur-de-lis (lily flower) abdominoplasty removes sagging skin over the entire abdominal area – both above and underneath the navel. It includes a horizontal incision across the lower belly and 
a vertical cut to the upper abdomen. This technique is usually performed after a significant weight loss. A fleur-de-list tummy tuck is the most invasive of all types. However, it removes a lot of loose tissue and helps patients achieve impressive changes in their appearance.

Regular Tummy
Tuck Procedure


Dr. Bailey uses general anesthesia to ensure that the patient does not feel any discomfort during the procedure. An anesthesiologist administers intravenous medications to put the patient asleep during the entire surgery. Vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels, are closely monitored.
Dr. Bailey makes a horizontal incision just above the pubic area from hip to hip. The length depends on the amount of skin and fat that needs to be removed. If the surgeon performs an extended or fleur-de-lis tummy tuck, additional cuts may be made. There is also an incision that frees the navel from the surrounding skin. This allows the skin above to be stretched down without moving the belly button.
Through the lower abdominal incision, the surgeon can tighten the separated abdominal muscles by stitching them closer together. This procedure helps to create a flatter, firmer abdominal contour.
After the muscles are tightened, the excess skin above the incision is stretched down and removed. The surgeon repositions the navel and stitches it into place on the abdominal flap. Dr. Bailey may also remove excess fat deposits.
The surgeon closes the incisions with sutures, surgical tape, skin adhesives, or a combination of these. The exact approach depends on the technique that was used in this operation.
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Recovery After
Tummy Tuck

Recovery from a tummy tuck takes several weeks. In the first 7 days, patients need to rest and limit physical activity while also caring for the incision site. Bruising, swelling, and mild pain are common during this period. Patients may need to wear a compression garment for some time to encourage healing and reduce swelling.
Most people can return to light activity after 14 days, but strenuous exercise should be avoided for 4-6 weeks to allow the incisions to fully heal. Full recovery takes several months as the swelling goes away and patients regain strength and stamina.

Candidates for Tummy Tuck

Patients with certain characteristics have higher chances of benefitting from a tummy tuck. Here are the most common groups of candidates:

loose abdominal skin and fat after pregnancy

Women who have loose abdominal skin and fat after pregnancy. The skin and muscles of the belly can stretch during childbearing. Thus, a tummy tuck can tighten all tissues and make the body look fit.

Patients who have lost a significant amount of weight either through bariatric surgery or diet and lifestyle changes. After major weight loss, large amounts of sagging skin can remain, so a tummy tuck can remove all of it.

Men and women who have a protruding abdomen that cannot be reduced via exercise. This abdominal bulge is sometimes genetic and requires surgical intervention.
Patients must have realistic expectations. A tummy tuck might not resolve all of the aesthetic issues, so additional plastic surgery may be needed to correct other problems, such as sagging skin in the upper arms. Many patients opt for a full mommy makeover, which also includes a breast lift, a liposuction, and a Brazilian butt lift.
All candidates for a tummy tuck must have localized fat deposits and loose skin in the abdominal region. This surgery can provide a flatter, tighter, and more toned belly contour.
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Benefits of Tummy Tuck

Tuck tucks have become more popular in recent years because they provide a lot of benefits. Many people choose to get a tummy tuck when they have excess skin or fat in the abdominal area that does not respond to diet and exercise. Others need it after a pregnancy or massive weight loss. Here are the main benefits our patients can receive from a tummy tuck surgery:

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Cost of Tummy Tuck
in Springfield

The cost of a tummy tuck in Springfield ranges from $5,000 to $15,000. It includes the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, operating room costs, and any other associated expenses. While prices can vary based on the extent of the procedure (mini tummy tucks are cheaper), most patients can expect to pay somewhere in this range. When budgeting for the operation, it is important to understand all potential expenses ahead of time. At Bailey Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Centre, we provide an accurate cost estimate during a consultation with each patient. We also offer flexible financing via CareCredit to make sure our tummy tucks are available for everybody.

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What Makes Our Tummy Tucks Different From Others?

Patients seeking a tummy tuck will find the ideal conditions at Bailey Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Centre. Our board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Bailey, has excellent surgical skills 
and provides patient-centered care. Each person receives the highest level of service 
in a welcoming environment. Our mission is to make every patient more confident 
and help them live their life to the fullest.
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