Radio-Wave Mole Removal in Springfield, Sedalia, Rolla & Osage Beach

A mole, birthmark, or other type of pigmented lesion commonly appears as a patch of skin that can range in size, color, and texture. Although most are harmless, it is important for moles to be monitored and tested if they look suspicious, as they can develop into cancer. For many patients, moles are solely a cosmetic concern, and treatment may be sought to remove the mole and create smooth, beautiful skin.

Mole removal with the Ellman Radiowave treatment involves melting away the abnormal tissue with a special Ellman device. A numbing cream is applied over the area before treatment to minimize any potential discomfort. There is no downtime associated with this procedure, and scars usually heal well. The Ellman Radiowave treatment can be performed successfully on nearly any area of the body.